Well, I might just figure this out

A project log for 5 Color 3D Printer

This project will entail finish rebuilding the RepStrap, and the design behind a 5 color extrusion method.

KrinkleneckKrinkleneck 04/23/2015 at 03:220 Comments

As of today I just found something that astonished me. Someone just solved the contamination problem (kind of). This might just be a reduction of that mixing chamber size, and extrusion size. That way a perfect mix isn't necessary because the amount going out is so small that you wouldn't be able to notice an imperfect mix, part count can be dramatically dropped, and it might just be as simple as screwing in injection chambers for the individual inks. I will have to order the part when it becomes available, but until it becomes available I have to focus on things that I can work with (I have a reflow oven to finish, and a tablet to order and learn from). I am ecstatic that this might come to a quick close, but I am not sure until I'm sure. I will post a proposed sketch on how this would all work. That way if someone can jump on this while I'm busy they have all the info that they need.

Here is what I am referring too.

It's the diamond printer, and if done properly, not only will you be able to do multiple colors, but you will also be able to do multiple filaments. So, fingers crossed that this all works and doesn't back fire like all my other previous designs from failure, or being outside of my build reach.