Time to prep for the first tests

A project log for 5 Color 3D Printer

This project will entail finish rebuilding the RepStrap, and the design behind a 5 color extrusion method.

KrinkleneckKrinkleneck 04/06/2016 at 17:180 Comments

While I am in new need of a bigger spool holder, that I am now printing, I have begun to prep for tests. Since this will all be done on the diamond head I will have to make a 3d conversion model once it arrives.

As for the ink, I will start with known good references. Sharpie/highlighter ink is a good starting point. I know both of them have a reputation for coloring plastics, and I know they are easy to get a hold of. So, they will be my first test subjects before I move on to more expensive and exotic plastic dyes.