I just can't let this die

A project log for Modular Tablet

This is a easy to assemble tablet that has an simple and powerful power system for usability and compatibility.

Krinkleneck 5 days ago0 Comments

I don't think it would be too healthy for someone to follow my projects too closely.  I have a habit of running out of money, and getting 10 projects deep before I can come back to this. But, I think I have something I can gnaw on to help this happen.  Firstly, someone has gone about and created an open source cellular telephone.  If they do release anything I can use their dev board with the power system that I have designed to make something of this.

The other thing is the operating system and main controls for the system.  I am hoping to make the basic controls for this system as free as possible.  That means open source hardware when and if possible.  The prototype will not be pretty, but it will be functional.  After the prototype is made, I may drop this project entirely.  I have been mauling over this from time to time since highschool.  There are too many obsessions and too little time.  

There is a hope that this is the last of the project updates that aren't showing progress.  Otherwise this account is a waste of space and time.