First prototype! :D

A project log for Volumetric Circuits!

A schematic editor for "3D discrete grid-aligned circuits" and building a 1-bit ALU

Anderson AntunesAnderson Antunes 08/13/2014 at 04:180 Comments

This is my first prototype using an alpha version of the software: Building an diode-transistor XOR gate. All the algorithms performed accordingly, the gate schematic was fine, but I wanted to place push buttons as inputs and an LED as output, and ended messing all up... But for the first test it was great! :D Here is an video of the process:

Note: In the video I clicked in a button called "load" while working with the software, it loaded an previously edited position file for the nodes, basically I jumped one step in the process: The adjust of the automatic placed graph, in the "time-lapse" I'm only verifying the output graph, it was correct.