Temp Logger

PC Water Cooling component tester

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The idea of this is to allow PC reviewers to hook up two liquid temp sensors (one for inlet and another for outlet) to test the cooling performance of a particular radiator or water block. It will also read ambient temps and system flow rate. This way a user can see how much of an impact on flow rate a certain components has. It will display readings on the LCD and log them to an SD card for later chart making.

It's partially working but still needs a lot of work. I just recently got the flow meter in and need to integrate that into the readings. I still also need to get the button to work so that it's not logging all the time. The plan is to have the screen red when not logging, then the user presses the button and the screen turns green and starts logging. Another press stops the logging.
  • 1 × Data logger shield Adafruit datalogger shield
  • 1 × Arduino Duemilanove Arduino Duelmilanove
  • 1 × Case Adafruit smoke Arduino case
  • 2 × 10K Liquid Thermistor Phobya 10K liquid temp sensor with inner and outer G1/4" threads for in-line use.
  • 1 × 10k Thermistor Standard 1-wire 10k thermistor with 24" wire lead for ambient temp

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