Protective Travel Cover

A project log for PIvena

PIvena is a Raspberry PI case that holds a 7" HDMI LCD and is styled similar to the Novena opensource laptop.

TimTim 05/15/2015 at 22:190 Comments

Over the past several months I've been doing a lot of traveling with my PIvena. I've been working on some cool projects at home and then carting it along with me to work to show what I'm working on. With the LCD facing out the PIvena is a little vulnerable to travel with so I wanted to make a lid. For a while I just had a piece of plywood with holes for the front cover screw heads that I would hold on with a rubber band. But it always made me nervous. Rubberbands aren't the most robust method of securing, especially when I want to just toss this in my backpack and head out.

I drew up some corners and I'm really happy with how securely they hold the lid on! I think i iterated through 3 different designs for the corners. There is a notch on one side of the lid's corner that hugs a screw head on the side of the PIvena. It really holds it on nicely.

The design files are up on Thingiverse:

I tossed a few up on my Etsy store too. I figure I'm not the only one traveling around with their PIvena.