So i really wanted a warm cookie at my desk one day.


so i took apart a cupcake tray and got the cup. I wrapped a beaker warming nicrome wire around it and cemented it in place with fire place caulk. It was a 150W heater and i found although it cooked cookies and brownies it was over powered. Also i learned that you needed to also control the heat above the cup so the top would bake.


I thought to make a full enclosure with a removable tray(seen in the pictures). there was a silicone heating element in it with a heatsink mounted to it to help transfer the heat to the air better. the cookie tray then slid on top of the fins and was cooked in the air much like a regular oven on a rack. the heating element was 75 W and still too hot.


With what i learned from the first two revs I really thought i had a better idea of how to shield the heat and make a smaller enclosure. I also learned you can cook a cookie on less than 50W power. So I got a smaller heating pad and relied purely on the wattage of the pad to regulate temperature. turns out it still burned the cookie bottom, you need an airgap, maybe an airgap spatula would have worked. secondly 50W in an insulated enclosure, even with heat shields and venting still melts down and smells like abs. Maybe better injection molded plastics would be fine, but at this point i have decided to move on.

If anyone has inspiration to continue the work, let me know. I still dream of cookies at my desk.


Update: 11/7/2016

I did move to ceramic as the main material for its awesome heat resistance and started using PTC heating elements in the correct temp range. the biggest issue was not even heat distribution. a fan would help a lot. There are no files for this.