Quantity   Component name
1 × 20A, Normally Closed Contact Relay The series resistance of the coil was 5 Ohm, wound with 1mm enamel wire.
10 × 10nF, 1250V Capacitors, MKP or FKP (FKP are preffered) I used MKS caps, but the losses were great...
1 × 40W Magnetic Ballast Any magnetic ballast from 25-100W, DO NOT USE AN ELECTRONIC BALLAST, THE VOLTAGE SPIKES WILL KILL IT!
1 × Helical Primary 2 turns of 1,5mm enamel wire. Diameter is 100mm
1 × Helical Secondary 1530 turns of 0,17mm enamel wire, form diameter is 55mm and coil length is 272mm .
1 × Stand Metal or plastic stand with holes for screws to hold everything on it...
30 × Nuts & Bolts
1 × A Power Drill