Robobug Telepresence Bot

Web-controlled telepresence via a Raspberry Pi stuck to a cheap infrared-controlled toy robot

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I hope to show and document how I was able to put together a web-controlled telepresence robot using cheap things I had around the house, plenty of duct-tape, and minimal soldering.

I was able to control this robot via my Raspberry Pi's GPIO, using a simple infrared transmitter:

The RasPi was set up as a webserver, serving up a web control-panel - with streamed view from a camera, and a text-box for text-to-speech!

I mention this in the Past Tense, because I actually managed to get all this done a couple of years ago...

However, I didn't get around to properly documenting it, and most of the documentation I -did- have (including a video of it in action) was lost in recent hard-drive-dropping incident :(

I intended to get this ready for the HackADay prize, but I see that it's already too late for initial submissions, before I've even started. Oh well, I won't bother hurrying now!
  • 1 × IR Remote Control Robot Beetle Kit plus 4 AA batteries for power
  • 1 × Raspberry Pi
  • 1 × Raspberry Pi Camera Module (I originally used a USB camera, but this should work better)
  • 1 × Infrared LED
  • 1 × BC548B transistor Used to switch 5v-powered LED on and off via Raspi's GPIO

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Tony wrote 01/18/2015 at 01:35 point

How's the project going along man? :)

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