Perhaps you've seen a few other electric-powered vehicles, so what makes the CitySpur different?

1) Power. The CitySpur has almost 5 hp delivered by two brushless motors and has the highest horsepower to weight ratio on the market. What does this mean? It is capable of taking someone weighing 200 lbs up a 10 deg slope (17% gradient) without any added momentum.

2) Lightweight. Weighing 13.5 lbs, the CitySpur is one of the lightest electric-powered vehicles.

3) Freewheeling. The CitySpur is the only electric longboard capable of freewheeling. This means you can use it like an ordinary longboard. The drive won't slow you down!

4) Cost. Uses the least amount of energy in its class (110W-h battery capacity to cover 10+ miles), so you can save more in battery charging.

5) Adaptable. You can mount the components to your own longboard, and yes even your skateboard!

6) Adjustable. The CitySpur has two modes of operation (Training and Expert mode) and either have front-wheel or rear-wheel drive.

7) Durability. Over 500 miles of road testing done on various road conditions including sidewalks, brick roads, inclined roads, and even unpaved roads.

8) Simple yet Elegant. The CitySpur combines lightweight aluminum and leather or aluminum and carbon fiber trim with handcrafted details. 


Powered by two powerful brushless motors that deliver a combine peak power of over 3700W (4.96 hp) on a longboard that weighs just over 13 pounds, the CitySpur may well be the world’s lightest and most powerful in-production 2WD electric longboard with an astonishing horsepower-to-pound ratio of 0.35 (hp/lb). In comparison, a 2014 Porsche 911 Turbo S has a horsepower-to-pound ratio of 0.16 (hp/lb). So once you engage the clutch and pull down the throttle, you will experience the incredible G-force that pushes you from the back!

To tame the incredible horsepower, the CitySpur utilizes a two-channel independent regenerative braking system to give the rider supreme braking performance with stability. Not only is the braking power doubled, our regenerative braking system functions independently at all times to provide safe and reliable braking control.


The CitySpur electric longboard is the only electric longboard/skateboard out there that can allow true freewheeling. With this revolutionary patent-pending technology, you can enjoy the freedom of street surfing and the excitement of downhill boarding without the presence of a dragging force caused by drivetrain friction and inertia. The result is a smooth and extremely energy-efficient ride. The CitySpur is able to achieve an incredibly low energy consumption of 12.9 W-h per mile. It can cover more than 10 miles of distance on a single charge using a compact 110W-h rechargeable battery.

Unlike most of the electric longboards/skateboards that are driven by a single wheel, the CitySpur is driven by two wheels simultaneously so traction and stability are always maintained. You can ride on virtually any road conditions (sidewalks, brick roads, inclined roads, and even unpaved roads). With its tremendous torque and well-balanced traction, the CitySpur is capable of carrying a 200-lb payload up a 10-degree slope with ease!



The CitySpur is the first two-wheel drive electric longboard that is modular, so you can quickly and easily install the drivetrain and battery compartment onto any longboard or skateboard deck (e.g. maple, bamboo, fiberglass, carbon fiber) that you already have. Unlike other all-in-one-deck electric longboards/skateboards, the modular design allows two separate compartments (front and rear) to be mounted on the deck. This gives the deck the ability to flex, and thus, gives you a more natural surfing feel and comfy ride just like a regular longboard. Also, with this modular feature, you can customize the board to...

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