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A project log for FULLMETAL RACER

Real racing in a real world

Frederico SobreiraFrederico Sobreira 08/14/2014 at 23:220 Comments

The idea of remote controlling cars at distance is not particularly new. However our first contact with something like this happened when a series it passed on national television with some kids who remotely controlled their cars and helicopter through a screen (all of this while they caught the bad guys). We were then in the early 90s, the series was made in New Zealand and was called Hot Shotz.

Around the same time, Nikko has selling many models of remote controlled cars that any kid wanted to have for Christmas. Anyway, was something we dreamed but we knew that it was just that, a dream.

The years passed, we have grown older and forgot about those dreams ... until some time ago!

The technology is at a point where, for a few euros you can mount a remote driving system through video (FPV). So we thought: "Why not?".

Games like Wipeout, Carmageddon or the Mario Kart series, were games that marked our adolescence, providing us with many hours of fun.

---------- Wipeout (1995) ----------

---------- Carmageddon (1997) ----------

---------- Mario Kart (Wii, Originally released in 1992) ----------

So we went into the materialization of what would be FULLMETAL RACER.

Stay tuned!