[ #04 ] Racing Track Design

A project log for FULLMETAL RACER

Real racing in a real world

Frederico SobreiraFrederico Sobreira 08/14/2014 at 23:240 Comments

Since the moment that this project began to take shape, it was decided that the racing track would've to be highly modular, robust, lightweight and simple to assemble and disassemble.

Possible configurations to assemble it are ruled by this diagram:

The following configurations are achieved using the previous diagram:

One of those possible configurations was chosen to build up a track with the real dimensions:

This is a video showing the camera perspective from the vehicle point of view (POV). It also served as a proof of concept:

Next, several iterations of track segments were developed in order to achieve a universal design that enable the construction of any of the combinations:

The first prototype segment enabled the concept proofing. Materials, dimensions, lighting and electrical connections have been thoroughly checked in order to minimize possible design errors:

This is another video showing the camera perspective from the vehicle POV. This test also provided illumination information to see shadows and blind spots:

Stay tuned!