Raspberry Pi Plug and Play Smart Sensors

Control, manipulate, and extract data from things connected to the internet, or through a network structure.

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A network of interchangeable sensor nodes, that can collect data in a variety of environments, and for a variety of purposes.Simply grab the sensors that you require, plug them into the available slots of the node, and turn the device on. Once turned on, the device automatically connects to the network, identifies the attached sensors, and begins data collection. With every node attached to the network, the network should then expand as each node will ideally be set up to repeat the wireless signal that originates at the Raspberry Pi server. The target cost for each node is under $100, which would make it very budget friendly.

All of the collected data will be stored in a database located on the central server. That data can then be gathered and
interpreted using a web-based interface. That interface will also have controls that send commands to controllable objects where applicable.

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