Using the Molds

A project log for Microwave Aluminium Printing

Metal parts for people other than blacksmiths. A system to perform aluminium "lost PLA" casting with no propane, and no danger to humans.

pizza catpizza cat 08/21/2014 at 05:541 Comment

Fresh baked molds. The one on the right used a more refined recipe and came out great.

We used a hairdryer to blow out the ash from the inside. You can use any form of compressed air.

Creating sprue extenders, used so that liquid aluminum causes pressure inside of the chamber. They need to be skinny & tall!

Attaching the sprue extenders atop of the mold. Good ol' duck tape can be used for this to keep out the sand.

Our sandbox with a small layer of sand on the bottom. Place the molds in the sandbox and then cover with sand until it reaches near the top of the sprue extenders.

Carefully pouring the aluminum.

Oops. Aluminum will burn through the sprue extenders. It is important to fill the box until the sand reaches near the top of the sprue extenders. Our box nearly caught on fire..

Taking our mold out of the sand. This is the most fun part of the process, seeing what is inside...


Chisling the plaster away with a screwdriver or whatever you got.


Now you have a part to remove from its mountings! This part came out great! However, we learned a lot about the mounting of the part when attempting to remove it. That will be covered in the next project log. :)


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Looking good. - This might be useful:

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