Quantity   Component name
1 × 1200W consumer microwave with an emitter mounted in the top of the unit. this is for melting the aluminium. the rotating mechanisms must be removed.
1 × consumer microwave this is for microwaving out the plastic from the molds. the rotating mechanisms should be preserved.
1 × bag of plaster of paris Used for the mold mixture.
1 × 1 pound container of 1200 grit silicon carbide powder Used in molds to burn PLA
1 × bag of perlite Used in mold mixture.
1 × water used in mold mixture
1 × Alcohol used in mold for burning away PLA. We used 140 proof isopropyl alcohol.
1 × powdered sugar used in mold for burning away PLA.
1 × bunch of styrofoam Used as channels in the mold.
1 × High Heat Furnace Cement used for the kiln
1 × Tupperware For the making of the molds