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Easiest way to wirelessly send a one or zero.

Chad GrantChad Grant 08/19/2014 at 23:230 Comments

My goal is to make the wireless wires without an embedded processor.  My reasoning behind this is to keep cost and complexity down - plus who wants to deal with upgrading firmware on these.

One of my main motivations for making this device, though, is to use it in conjunction with my smart phone.  I can think of a lot of situations where my phone will be the receiver/transmitter and the other end will be some sort of device that employs a wireless wire to communicate with me (it's only communicating one bit - anything more and I'd move to Bluetooth or WiFi, of course).

To that end I'm planning on writing an open source android library that can be used to both detect specified tones from the microphone, and emit them from the speakers.

In the future desktop compatible libraries may also be considered.