The MCU control works!

A project log for DC Motor Controller for CNC Router

DC motor rotational speed controller for Chinese CNC3040 spindle motor without any kind of encoder

SUFSUF 04/06/2015 at 22:050 Comments

Since the last post regarding my CNC Motor Driver, in my spare time I was continuously working on the MCU board and the software for it.
Two days ago I connected the digital part to the power electronics. It started to work immediately, but unfortunately the rpm measurement was messy.
After some thinking and trying, I realized, that the source square wave has some narrow pulses around the edges, what are messing up my measurement.
The Nuvoton MCU I'm using is able to add some de-bouncing delay to the timer's capture input. Adding this feature looks like solving my problems.

Today finally I see the end of this project's. I'm trying to collect the thing still need to be finished: