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A project log for DC Motor Controller for CNC Router

DC motor rotational speed controller for Chinese CNC3040 spindle motor without any kind of encoder

sufSUF 05/05/2015 at 09:050 Comments

I planed to build the new motor driver during the weekend, what unfortunately doesn't happened. It took an additional week. What I want to mention here, that together with the motor driver I also designed a new measurement circuit. This one is able to measure not just the rotational speed but the current (it was also in the previous but untested) and the voltage of the motor. In addition I included the necessary protection diodes what was left out from the previous one, and a configurable fifth order low pass filter to test the filter for the final design.

Here is the schematic diagram:

And the PCB design:

The first weekend achievement - etching the boards and collecting the parts:

A week later - the boards cut, populated:

The next things to come (not necessarily in this order):