V2 Testing

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DC motor rotational speed controller for Chinese CNC3040 spindle motor without any kind of encoder

SUFSUF 05/28/2015 at 03:540 Comments

On the weekend, I finally get to run the first test on the V2 MOSFET driver.

I just connected it to the bench PSU, and the MCU, added a resistive load (a 470Ohm/5W resistor) to it. Switched on, and...

Nothing happened.

Looked around, trying to find the error.

On the input, the PWM signal was there.

On the low side small FETs the signal was there.

On the MOSFET's gate... nothing was there.

I turned the board to see the soldering side...


After soldering the MOSFET and the diode, it started to work perfectly.