Bill of materials

A project log for Handheld 3GHz Spectrum Analyzer

Includes RF detector up to 6GHz and a datalogger

roelhroelh 08/19/2014 at 19:300 Comments

I added the BOM (Bill of materials) to the links. This will not be the final BOM. I added it as a Google speadsheet document. 

Later this week, the 4 or 5 most difficult parts will be placed on my new pcb (by someone who has the equipment to do that). After that, I will mount the other parts myself.

There are 273 parts at the moment, quite a lot.

I could sell pcb's with all parts mounted when there are enough people who want one  (and at least the hardware is final). The pcb could be delivered tested and calibrated.

I could also sell the housing with all holes laser-cut. That reminds me... enclosure and mechanical parts are not yet in the BOM.