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Connected GPS Geofence Collar

Erik WachlinErik Wachlin 10/19/2017 at 18:510 Comments

Dogs who are likely to need this collar are active in all conditions.  So, in order to keep all of the electronics safe, we really need a case.  I just designed this one.  You can find a render of it in the gallery.  It includes supports for the board inside allowing it to be secured using #4 sheet metal screws that are 1/4" long.  The case uses an 3/32" o-ring that will need to be cut to size, and the top screws down using #4 sheet metal screws, compressing the o-ring and making a water resistant seal (I can't say waterproof because I have not tested it yet.)  There are 4 tabs with 1/4" holes in them that allow you to use paracord to attach the case to the dogs collar.  The solidworks files are attached for editing, and the STL files for the top and bottom of the case can be found there as well.  You can use the STL files to 3D print the case yourself or send them to a service to have one made for you if you do not have a 3D printer at home.