What Title Change?

A project log for 3D Printer Extruder Remote Health Monitoring

Receive force sensor reports from the 3d printer extruder at regular intervals on your mobile device.

mark-heywoodMark Heywood 08/20/2014 at 22:090 Comments

Well , today I got the concept video done and uploaded, also the system design diagram for indirect force sensing is now up in the details.

I've also changed the project title to reflect the goal of this project, and updated other text to better reflect what this project is about. The project detail section needs a bit of work but should start taking shape as I get the resources together.

I now know which libraries I'm using on the Raspberry Pi for Twitter and Xively:

I'll perhaps log high resolution data, taken from the force sensor, on the Raspberry Pi , and then compile the data I need from the log to transmit to Twitter and xively.

And I've been for eye test today and now have to wear glasses so I can see what I'm doing close up. Soldering and breadboarding should be a lot easier now.