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A project log for 3D Printer Extruder Remote Health Monitoring

Receive force sensor reports from the 3d printer extruder at regular intervals on your mobile device.

mark-heywoodMark Heywood 08/23/2014 at 22:160 Comments

Indirect Sensor Load Cell Bracket

Got delivery of two more scales today which have this load cell installed, probably the smallest 5 kg load cell you can get hold of for less than 5 GBP. I did an Electronic Kitchen Scales Teardown Versus Load Cells article which includes the scale that contains the load cell above, it is the WH-B05 scale, these are very popular on Ebay, best to search 5kg scale and then match the casing style in the listings to be sure to get all the sellers selling these.

If you are using the straight push fit tube fitting with M6 screw thread, you can make use of one of the 5mm fixing holes in the load cell by tapping an M6 thread, the other hole then can be used to attach the 3d printed bracket which holds another push fit fitting.

I'm hoping to complete the sensor bracket tomorrow if time permits. I'll attach the completed load cell bracket above the existing filament force sensor bracket, and then I can begin comparing indirect force sensing to direct force sensing.