We've got sensor readings, Skipper

A project log for 3D Printer Extruder Remote Health Monitoring

Receive force sensor reports from the 3d printer extruder at regular intervals on your mobile device.

mark-heywoodMark Heywood 08/25/2014 at 20:270 Comments

3D Printer Extruder Filament Force Sensor Design Comparison

First test shows sensor readings that are surprisingly similar from both sensor designs. Both Processing graphs were running side by side while printing an airtripper extruder part. More testing will be done later, however, current test results provide enough confidence to continue with the light weight indirect force sensor design set-up.

The reduced noise in the indirect force sensor graph is due to the light weight design of the load cell bracket.

The load cell calibration process used is covered in this guide, however, I used a revised circuit for lower voltage in this test. I'll publish the revised circuit used for this test later.