Lunchbreak 12-2-14

A project log for Wi-Fi Controlled Open Scoreboard

A open design for a portable scoreboard that can be controlled over Wi-Fi, and integrated into event management software.

Christopher KratzChristopher Kratz 12/02/2014 at 18:530 Comments

Progress is slow, as is the norm with my projects. Attempting to allocate time among my other life responsibilities continues to be one of my weaker skill. Especially when my bed is so soft.

Anyways, I dI'd get the small power supply board working work 3.3v output. The first attempt somehow ended up with most of the QFN pins connected to ground. A more careful second soldering attempt fixed that.

I got the drive board done and soldered, but as of yet untested. Im currently sick on the physical design of the digits. Part of me wants to get a test setup going and the other part wants to make a nice looking digit assembly. Maybe after Christmas I can order out some nice laser cut parts.

I've also thrown my hat into the Trinket design contest, so I will have to fit that in as well.