Building a Bottle Propagator, Electronics or Otherwise!

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A open source and cost conscious take on a connected plant propagator for monitoring, fun and ..propagation!

darren-blaxcell-aka-porkDarren Blaxcell, aka Pork 08/18/2014 at 22:040 Comments

Part of the goal of my project is to make a cheap alternative to propagators commercially available and use waste materials, thus an important part of the project is the propagator itself. Bottle propagators are tried and true and inspiration was drawn from all over the web. Here is my take on a bottle propagator, you will need: 

The electronics are extra and can be skipped for an ordinary unheated propagator.

Tie a knot in one end of the cloth and pull it into the neck of the bottle:

Fill one bottom half  with water and push the top half with cloth into it, place a small amount of soil on top of the cloth to hold it down evenly:

ELECTRONIC STEP, place the heater on top of the soil and the heater temperature sensor close by:

Fill with soil to a depth of about 50mm, add seeds or another sensor in my case:

Cap off with another top half of a bottle and your done, one bottle propagator: