Version 2.0 of the CNC

A project log for Inexpensive Multipurpose Parametric CNC Base

We've taken a simple CNC base and are writing a python code that can generate CAD drawings based on your needs. ~$100 build.

Eric JacobEric Jacob 08/17/2014 at 16:230 Comments

Here are some images of version 2.0 of the CNC. (I skipped version 1 as we have already surpassed it)

On the front you can see the platform and carriage. We've integrated multiple pre-drilled holes for easy mounting of spindles or clamps.

The image of the back shows the linear slides. Here we have elected to use precision rods with bronze bushings. Grooves are cut into the plywood and the bearings snap into place. Glue can be used to further secure the stage. Allowing the stages to snap into place make assembly and alignment much easier.

You can see a motor mounted on the bottom. On of the base plates was milled out of the back plate producing an access window for easier maintenance.

If you look closely on the upper right of the image you can see that we have notched the back plate. This makes everything line up nicely. Some of these features would not be used in the non-CNC version as they would be difficult to produce.

This is the second version. The first version was based on the Mantis and we have made improvements beyond that. ( This is version 2. We keep a running list of improvements/features/enhancements that we would like to add and integrate them the next time we need a CNC base. 

Now the mechanics are working pretty well, our next effort is to parameterize the CNC base so that we can quickly make any size machine.