DXF Generation Code

A project log for Inexpensive Multipurpose Parametric CNC Base

We've taken a simple CNC base and are writing a python code that can generate CAD drawings based on your needs. ~$100 build.

Eric JacobEric Jacob 08/20/2014 at 14:430 Comments

dxf files can be a little tricky. In order to get around this I am going to use the python dxfwrite library.

Python is free, so anyone will be able to use it. This library will allow us to create this code rather quickly as the dimensioning is progressing quickly. Initially we will focus on geometry, other features will be added as we go.

After the python code is complete we can look at creating a standalone generator (so you don't have to mess around getting python running if you don't want to) or making a web based application.

For now we intend to have the code create a dxf file. Gcode would be generated elsewhere as it is dependent upon your machine size and bit size. This is a secondary task that we will look into after the dxf generator is complete.