Open Source Tablet

Create a tablet that uses easily sourced, cheap, and preferably open source parts, for less than $200.

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For many hackers/modders/makers the hardest part of a project is getting a strong platform to work on. The goal of this project is to enable innovation by providing a very simple and cheap device that provides a powerful, open source platform that is not just capable of being modded, but designed for it.

-All case parts will be 3d printed or easily obtainable (local hardware store).
-The tablet's main board will be open source.
-The screen and touch screen will be easily obtainable and as cheap as possible.
-The design will leave room for as many mods as possible while still being portable.

The end goal is a "hacker's tablet", not a device that is in itself complicated, but rather the opposite, a device that is simple, innovative and designed with hackers and makers in mind so that they can develop the next iteration of mobile technology.

  • 1 × 7" capacitive multi touch screen (open frame) Sourced from:
  • 1 × Raspberry pi (for now, I may shift to the Beaglebone Black) Sourced from
  • 1 × Battery Anker Astro E3 10000mAh
  • 1 × Wireless card Still doing some testing/research

  • Touch me!

    Lambda4208/19/2014 at 22:10 0 comments

    The screen arrived last night. I hooked it up briefly and was able to touch and navigate in Raspbian. When I upload my video tonight I'll include a quick demo.

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