Quantity   Component name
1 × Raspberry Pi Model B the main brain
1 × 8 GB SD Card to store the software
1 × Logitech C170 USB webcam for the eye of the robot
1 × L298n Motor Driver Module Module to drive the 2 DC motor
1 × Tp-Link Tl-WN722N USB wifi dongle for giving the robot an online connectivity
1 × RP5 robot tank chassis I choose this for the look but any 2 WD robot chassis will do
1 × USB battery pack with 1A output power for the raspberry pi
2 × Ultrafire Rechargeable 3,7 V AA battery power for the DC motor
1 × AA Battery Holder to put the AA battery
5 × Female to Female Jumper wire Connecting GPIO to the L298n motor driver module
6 × Bolts & Spacer to make the whole body intact