Quantity   Component name
1 × Power module PCB 4-layer FR4 PCB, 80x60mm subject to change.
1 × TI TMS320F28027F (Piccolo) 32bit 60MHz DSP heritage microcontroller. Does the signal processing to drive the motor.
3 × Silabs SI8233AB-C-IS1 Dual Isolated gate drive IC. provides high current signals to drive high and low side mosfets.
12 × NXP PSMN5R5-60YS N-channel power MOSFETs. LFPAK, 60V, 5.5mOhm, 56nC gate charge
1 × TBA microcontroller Provides android open accessory bridge and connectivity to accessories
3 × switching regulator circuits details to be determined soon.
1 × Control module PCB TBA, approximately Arduino sized.
1 × 3D printed parts, cases etc
1 × Machined/hacked together motor-wheel coupling. Hard to describe, see project photos.