RetroPie portable

My attempt at making a RetroPie handheld out of a Raspberry Pi 3

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I know it's not a novel concept, but I've only seen one other PiBoy made from a Raspberry Pi 3 and I'm trying to do as little board level modding as possible. So far a lot of my parts are just found on eBay or AliExpress including a great Pi-sized 4-port usb battery and a screen that has a through hole bypass for 3v7 power.

I'm right at the point of deciding whether or not I should make an HID from an Arduino and a kitsch bent DMG button pcb or if I should just hook the PCB directly up to the GPIO on the pi.

Latest update: Wed May 2017
I had a modest success. I really wasn't counting on this working, but I got the tft screen to power off the 3v7 supply from the Pi3.

Sudomod did a GREAT PiBoy build and I want to do one as well. In fact, they seem to have even made a drop-in PCB that you simply solder a pi zero to and you're good to go. I'm copying a few of his ideas while also trying to keep a simple much of this build with easily sourced parts. I'd like to avoid depopulating the Pi and hopefully make it maximumly reproducible while limiting most of the hard modding to the DMG case

  • 1 × Raspberry Pi
  • 1 × SparkFun Pro Micro Arduino
  • 1 × Raspberry Pi 5-Port USB 2.0 Hub Power Supply Module for Raspberry Pi 3 Model B / B + / Pi Zero
  • 12 × PSP1000 joysticks
  • 1 × 3.5" TFT LCD Display

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  • It Fits!

    Onniekoski05/28/2017 at 12:47 0 comments

    after a bit of fussing around and hacking up some USB cables and an AV jack, I've got it all stuffed into this project box. life would be a lot easier if I could find some really low clearance USB cords, but for the time being, this totally works.

    Also, not pretty, but once I've got a grasp on cutting out the holes for my Gameboy buttons, I'll be replacing the clear plexi with a (maybe laser cut) black piece. And then you won't reall be able to see the ugly innards :

  • Working HID game pad

    Onniekoski05/27/2017 at 02:31 0 comments

    After much consternation (I was having trouble getting the sketch onto my SparkFun promicro 'cause I'm a dumb) I now have a fully functional USB HID device that my Mac sees as a game controller.

    On using Sota's code:

    The code Sota wrote for his project seems to be working very well. It's designed for 14 buttons and up to 2 analong sticks. It works MUCH better with both analog sticks installed. I found I was getting a lot of noise when I was just using one, but with two it was quite stable.

    Next: a bit of wire hacking. Getting all of the components into the project box comfortably without modding the board is going to requier making some specialty cables and one very short USB cord.

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