Hand crafting the PCB

A project log for Head Tracker

This devices tracks your head in video games, wirelessly and in 9 DOF. And it could be used in standalone projects.

Arcadia LabsArcadia Labs 05/25/2017 at 14:490 Comments

I added the 2 PDF I used to build the circuit on a 24x18 perfboard. There is one file for the top layer, and another file for the bottom layer.

Usually, I print the 2 files at 1:1 scale, and simply follow the drawings. This time, I glued the top layer drawing on the perfboard prior to routing, so it was very easy and gives a nicer look.

Here is the view of the PCB in DesignSpark. It is a 2 sides PCB with large traces, so it should be very easy to manufacture.