Day 3 - 25/08/2014

A project log for Honda Sky Restoration

Restoration of a 15yr old Honda Sky. Sat in a garage for 5+ years. Lots of TLC and some welding to be done :)

greg_duckgreg_duck 08/25/2014 at 16:350 Comments

We removed the exhaust pipe, the petrol tank, the oil reservoir and the rear wheel.  The petrol and oil were drained from the tanks, but not the bike itself (still TODO).  The air filter has been removed and will be cleaned in the future.  By removing the back wheel we were able to access the stuck rear brake.  This was caused by a lack of oil on the shaft of the brake cam, which meant that the surface had oxidised and seized beyond the cables ability to actuate.  This assembly was cleaned and inspected for high spots (none found :-)) and then oiled.  This made the brakes very easy to use, although further rust removal and cleaning is required.