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A project log for Using old CD-drive as a music player

Trying to build a simple CD-player from an old CD-drive. I want it to read audio CDs, have button controls and an audio output.

jurc192jurc192 06/02/2017 at 11:410 Comments

I got this idea of transforming an old CD-drive to a music player when I was tearing apart an old computer. So much fun! But will I ever actually use any of theese salvaged components? After they gathered dust for few months it was time to either trow everything away or start making things out of them. I think this youtube video was first time I saw this kind of CD-player.

I know that my device has to:

Bird's-eye view diagram

The diagram above shows general parts that I need to study and connect in order to get my old CD's playing. (One of the first (original) CD's I ever got, was  "Soundtrack to your Escape" by In Flames. I got it for santa when I was about 11, hah :)