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A project log for Using old CD-drive as a music player

Trying to build a simple CD-player from an old CD-drive. I want it to read audio CDs, have button controls and an audio output.

jurc192jurc192 11/26/2017 at 15:100 Comments

I always tought electronic schematics look cool. Finally I did my first - to make the messy sketch of my first circuit more clear. I couldn't decide between KiCad (as a FOSS fan it would be my first choice, but it looked a bit awkward judging from the reviews), EAGLE or Altium. I did it with EasyEDA in the end :)

[Link to PDF version of the schematic]

Arduino to IDE Interface schematic
Arduino to IDE Interface schematic

I was trying to think of readability, functionality and aesthethics. I would like to know some more principles of schematic design, are there any mistakes? What would be the "appropriate" way to do it? Is there something not really conventional? How would a professional draw it?

Any easyEDA users out there? Should I use some other tools (like KiCad, Altium, Eagle..) instead? Why?