Internet enabled garage opener (esp8266)

Using an Android app and a WeMos D1 Mini to open garage gates.

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This is the successor to my original garage opener project using relays to activate a garage remote.

In short, this project allows activation of buttons on a physical remote control of some sort (here it's a garage opener but could be a TV or stereo remote, for example). The board uses transistors as switches, and in this particular design I found that the remote and board need to share a common ground (not a problem here as the remote takes power from the controller instead of a coin cell).

See previous project for more description about how the system functions.

The improvements over the previous project are:
* relays have been switched out for transistors,
* remote is now powered from the 3.3v pin of the controller,
* a piezo speaker plays a tune on activation of a gate (diff

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Brandon wrote 07/04/2017 at 06:55 point

Would the transistor solution work when the usual power source for the remote is a 9V battery?

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