Starting Final Prototype Build

A project log for The Compost Professor - A Smart Composting System

A set of senors and actuators that make composting simple.

darian-johnsonDarian Johnson 09/26/2017 at 03:440 Comments

Sept 25 2017

Been a while since I last wrote a log... I've successfully ported the code from Arduino 101 to ESP8266 and ATMega32u4 bases. I'm using Adafruit feathers for the prototypes. These are great boards for prototyping:

It hasn't been perfect, there are some challenges - specifically, I struggled to get the RFM and TFT components to work together (though this isn't because of the Adafruit construction - it's due to the way the RFM libraries are written).

I've also started to design and print the cases for the components (building on the files provided by Adafruit).