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A project log for The Compost Professor - A Smart Composting System

A set of senors and actuators that make composting simple.

darian-johnsonDarian Johnson 10/20/2017 at 17:380 Comments

Oct 20, 2017

One last note: Early in my project (and in previous logs) I reference the analysis code that determined actions needed for composting. My final prototype moves this logic off of the microprocessor and into the AWS cloud. I do this for a few reasons:

That being said, I strongly believe in this project and I want others to duplicate it, so access to those APIs is free. I will publish data on the APIs shortly, but in the interim, you can use the API calls as-is in the Arduinio code.

I'll create a registration process in the next month for use (to better track who is using the APIs and restrict the number of API calls to a reasonable amount). If there are any questions on the API use, reach out to be directly (in the comments or Twitter) and I'll provide additional guidance.