Version 2 (in the works) also uses a Teensy 3.1 and a HC-05 Bluetooth module.

- Embeded code written in Arduino IDE
- Android app written with Processing in Android mode
- W25Q128FV 128Mb SPI flash memory
- up to 4 "spokes" of WS2811 LEDs are used for a total of 288 LEDs
- built-in LiPo battery and charger are used for power
- Image processing is done on Android device and all data is transmitted via Bluetooth
- Optional mirroring for text
- Accepts JPG PNG BMP image types, as well as GIF video
- Calculate and display current speed, distance traveled 

Version 1 uses 2 "spokes" of 144 LED/m WS2811 LED strips, a Teensy 3.1 controlling them using the OctoWS2811 library. A HC-05 Bluetooth module is used to communicate with an Android device, and an SD card is used for storage and data uploading. Three AA batteries are used for power.


This project was started as one of my first embedded electronics projects and my first attempt at creating an Android app. The reason i was able to get to accomplish anything with this project is due to the many open source code libraries and example i borrowed from, such as:

OctoWS2811  by Paul Stoffregen                         MIT

Processing Android mode                                  GPL

Arduino Basics by Scott C.                                  ?

SPI Flash memory Instructable by ptorelli           GPL

apwidgets by Rikard                                              GPL v3