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A project log for Pipman GPS Watch

The Pipman is a propeller driven watch that has GPS, a compass and temperature sensors.

ChristianChristian 08/21/2014 at 02:460 Comments

One of the first things I realized when building this project was that a solid case would need to be created to protect my new watch.  I had two options I could think of: 

* learn carpentry and make a wood case

* Hire a blacksmith to forge a case.

Over time I had gotten more interested in 3D printing.  I realized that not only could I create a case for this project if I purchased a print, but create parts for every project I would ever do down the road.  With this in mind, I purchased a Replicator 2.

In learning how to use the printer, I've made all sorts of things (but that is another topic).  The next step as far the case is concerned to learn how to make my own 3D objects.  I can make basic things in sketchup, but I want to make something that looks good. So I got this:

Once I have an idea what the PCB will look like, I can start with this.