Graphical Programming Drawing Robot On The Wall

In this low-cost project, you can learn fun stuff like laser cutting, coding, mechanics, trigonometry! No Arduino codes required!

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Kids in makerspace often like to play with drawing robot, but those drawing robots on the market are either too pricey or hard to program, so there comes to our project, we made this project for beginners who would love to learn coding and give them sufficient exposure to mechanics, hands-on ability. With this drawing robot, you can learn trigonometry or even drawing skills (kidding!). Anyway, we would like to inspire next generation of maker.

We used a Scratch 3.0 based off-line version software for the ease of programming. The software is called KittenBlock, it uses blocks for programming and is very easy to get started with. Graphical blocks can help beginner to avoid loads of typing and syntax, creating a bridge to learning a powerful and commonly used programming language such as C++.

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