Working on the reels

A project log for ZBeam - Shape Shifting Structures For Space

Self-reconfiguring modular structural elements for space habitats

Ronald JaramilloRonald Jaramillo 06/05/2017 at 16:270 Comments

I need a way to manage the rolled links, so I start working on a pair of reels. Started with a kick prototype with cardboard and tape to test the size/geometry.

It worked ok, so I modelled it in OnShape.

...and sended the parts to my trusty Prusa...

This morning I harvested the parts and was able to mount and test the reels. The power supply is just for size reference.

This sort of worked. I need to connect the main drive to the reels to help rolling the chains in and out, otherwise they will jam in different positions/orientations.

And before you add any funny comments, this is not the final form-factor. The reels will be enclosed in a cube, that may contains four reels, eg. two beams per cube.