Quantity   Component name
1 × ARM STM32 Microcontroller Breakout This breakout for the STM32 Microcontroller conveniently plugs right into a standard breadboard. https://newbiehack.com/categories/newbiehack-microcontroller-ARM-stmicro-STM32F0R6-withBreadboardInterface
3 × Breadboards Standard breadboards for circuit prototyping. Three is used so that the STM32 breakout can have many tie strips. https://newbiehack.com/categories/newbiehack-prototyping-breadboard-opaque-white
1 × ST-Link v2 Programmer This is the device that takes the code from the computer and stuffs it into the microcontroller. https://newbiehack.com/categories/newbiehack-development_tools-prototyping-microcontroller-USB-ARM-Programmer-stlinkv2-stm32-stm8
1 × Kits and other ARM Series Components This page shows the kits that are available and the individual ARM series components. https://newbiehack.com/Categories/ARM