The controller is a Chromatron wifi pixel controller. It will be released on Kickstarter in the coming weeks, more info here:

Chromatron uses a scripting language based on Python (called FX Script) to create the graphics pattern. Below is the entire graphics program for this project:

current_hue = Number()
hue_step = Number()

def init():
    # set up variables
    current_hue = 0.5
    hue_step = 0.01

    # set pixels to full saturation and max brightness
    pixels.sat = 1.0
    pixels.val = 1.0

def loop():
    # create temporary variable
    a = Number()
    a = current_hue

    # this loop adjusts hue slightly across the array,
    # giving each pixel a slightly varied hue
    for x in pix_count():
        pixels[x].hue = a

        a += 0.07

    # advance overall hue
    current_hue += hue_step

    # constrain hue to walk back and forth between purple and
    # green.
    if current_hue > 0.6 or current_hue < 0.33:
        hue_step *= -1

The globe comes from Glass Eye Studio: