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A project log for FarmCorder: Crop nutrition deficiency sensor

The low cost (35$) GSM,GPS enabled clip-sensor device to measure leaf chlorophyll content, fluorescence and detect nutrition deficiency.

Vignesh RavichandranVignesh Ravichandran 06/01/2017 at 07:320 Comments

It was late summer in my hometown and I visited my dad's village farm during my university break, I found my dad to be perplexed in the field jotting down something on his notebook. Upon inquiry I learned that it was time for fertilizer application in his rice crop and that he was finding it difficult to find out how much fertilizer to apply for his crop. I had heard of the recent surge in fertilizer cost but I was surprised to hear that it was causing him quite a bit of capital investment and that the amount had to spot on.

I found the problem to be a bit odd and I wondered if anyone had come up with a solution to solve this rather giant problem. A visit to a nearby Agriculture research facility made me realize the magnitude of the problem and the wide array of farmers whose very livelihood was affected by the same.
This sort of inspired me to come up with a solution to make not only my dad's job easy but also aid all small farmers in developing nations.