A project log for Mooov Motion Controller

ARM based Motion Controller for CNC, 3D-printer, Laser-cutter,.. 6 Axis, Helical, S-Profile

Pascal RoobrouckPascal Roobrouck 06/01/2017 at 09:070 Comments

After receiving PCB, it was time to assemble all components : the PCB, Stepper Motor Drivers and Solid State Rely.

My current CNC is an Openbuild OX, which needs 4 motor-drivers (2*Y, X Z) and the Spindle is a simple Makita RT0700, so I only need 1 peripheral driven by a Solid State relay.

I made a layout in Fusion360 and cut a baseboard out of 5 mm plexiglass (Polymethylmethacrylaat (PMMA))

All components are mounted with M4 bolts and nuts. The head of the bolt is recessed in the baseboard, so it can be mounted flush under the machine.

Next step is to do all the wiring between the motherboard and the motor drivers - TBC