You've heard it here first - LEDs on the cartridge - Lighting up the groove

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Will it float or just another floater?

Gintaras ValatkaGintaras Valatka 06/18/2017 at 15:451 Comment

Why not build LEDs directly into the cartridge? For DJ's or home use, I suspect that the most popular light right now is by Ikea.

The only other cartridge with LED that I could find is from DS Audio but they are in the business of mechanical->optical->analog conversion

So yeah, go build it yourself, but if you do it commercially without me, you will be named and shamed :D Haha, might open a mod shop

LEDs were saved form my old Nokia 3100 that were used to light up the keyboard, only measuring around 1.8x0.65mm super tiny and lightweight


Morning.Star wrote 06/19/2017 at 06:56 point

I just woke up with an odd idea inspired by what you are doing.

Would it be possible to sample the groove using a magnifying lens and a fast camera? Sampling slices at a time and decoding them in a RAM structure before writing as a stream.

This would be contactless; a true world-first optical phono cartridge. Accessing the track this way means you could recover damaged records that wont play using a conventional needle...?

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