Hello Android / ZTE Blade / Torque

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just out of interest I bought one of these to play with

rawerawe 09/11/2014 at 09:440 Comments

I use an dumbphone, not a smartphone for all my mobile phone tasks and never really used Android before. Well, because I already waste enough time on the interwebs...

Long story short, I was given an already rooted ZTE blade Gen1, upgraded it to the last official Cyanogenmod version, put the Torque apk on there (appstore requires google account, I don't want one) and intalled it. Torque connects and detects the wifi obd adapter once set up. Time to connect it to my ECU...

Completely new to Android, the first things figured out so far are:

The following link sums up the procedure pretty well:

Files for the phone:

Files I used: size:16.02mb md5:c10cd48bbfb8e2c16384ebb49e06eb5c partitions: 2mb cache, 160mb system, 294mb data

latest Cyanogenmod nightly: