Wireless Sensor Node Datalogger

This project provides a convenient way to log data wirelessly from multiple sources

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This is my entry into TheHackadayPrize. The datalogger consists of one or many wireless battery operated nodes and an internet connected receiving node. While the wireless nodes have a built in temperature sensor they are configured to allow many external inputs for logging all sorts of things (i am currently using this to log my mains gas and electricity usage).
The nodes are low powered and run directly off battery, however provision is provided for adding a simple solar charging if required.

I am always needing to log and measure something, perhaps this is the engineer in me. I initially liked the idea of something that has on-board logging but there are times when i want to log the data and check on it periodically without having to retrieve the data logging device, hence the need for something wireless and the reason for my project.

The wireless node has a digital temperature sensor built in which covers many logging requirements (this would have to be the most logged variable ever?) There are also pins available to add external analog and digital sensors.

I am currently setting this device up to monitor my mains gas usage. The logger is configured so that external pulse or count type sensors connect to the internal microcontroller counter and therefore allow the micro to be in sleep mode while still counting, this allows for a long battery life. The battery voltage of the node is also measured and sent along with any logged data.

The idea behind the device is that it wakes from sleep at a programmable interval, measures its sensors and sends the data, then goes back to sleep. Using this method batteries can last a long time but provision will also be added for basic solar trickle charging to greatly extend life. 

At the receiving end another nRF module is connected to a Raspberry Pi. The received data is pulled from the nRF module FIFO , time stamped, then appended to a CSV file. For now this is a rather simple way of storing data but plans for the future are to upload the data to a cloud based service that can plot the data.

  • 1 × 330R 0805 Resistor
  • 1 × 5.76k 0805 Resistor
  • 1 × 14k 0805 Resistor
  • 1 × 68k 0805 Resistor
  • 1 × 33k 0805 Resistor

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  • System Diagram

    Leon Burkamshaw08/19/2014 at 13:54 0 comments

    The system diagram above provides an overview of the parts that make up the wireless logger and an idea of where i am upto. The basic setup is complete and i have sample data being sent and captured by the Raspberry Pi. Next step is to do some more thorough testing and then add multiple nodes.

    The SPI library i am using on the Pi is from

  • Video Uploaded

    Leon Burkamshaw08/19/2014 at 13:06 0 comments

    I have made a short video of my project. This gives a better idea of the size of the current sensor node. See my YouTube video link a the side of the project page

  • Components Uploaded

    Leon Burkamshaw08/19/2014 at 12:38 0 comments

    I have uploaded a list of the current components used on the wireless node. There are some rather odd value resistors in there as i have setup some of the external Analog To Digital Converters (ADC) inputs to handle 12V and 5V. My next step is to create a GitHub repo so i can post the full design files.

  • Base Station Working

    Leon Burkamshaw08/18/2014 at 12:51 0 comments

    I am using a Raspberry Pi for the base station connected to an nRF module. The basic software for the base station is working, at the moment it takes the data in from the wireless node and writes it to a file in CSV format. As it is using the rPi it is easy enough to change to upload to some cloud service.

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